ProjectDSM Resource Pack for Minecraft Java Edition

Or enable our built-in server resource pack

ProjectDSM uses a number of technical enhancements and integrations to Minecraft Java Edition in order to improve the experience of players who join and view the project. Specifically, our resource pack allows players to view textures and items that are custom designed to replicate Des Moines structures and artifacts more accurately than with vanilla (default) textures.


To view our changelog and known bugs, please download our pack, which includes a README, at the link above

Installation Method 1 - Server-Enabled Resource Pack

Access the resource pack using Minecraft's server resource pack feature. This is the recommended method as our pack updates frequently:
  1. Navigate to the Minecraft Multiplayer Menu
  2. Add ProjectDSM to your server list by clicking "Add a Server" or click "Edit" next to ProjectDSM if it is already in your list
  3. Enter the proper server IP address (play.projectdsm.org) and ensure that "Server Resource Packs" is set to "Enabled". If you are joining the server for the first time or using direct connect, select "Yes" when prompted to use a server resource pack

Installation Method 2 - Full Resource Pack

Download and manually install our pack:
  1. Open the Google Drive folder linked above
  2. Download the file labeled "ProjectDSM Resource Pack v2.x.x MC 1.x.x.zip" (x represents the latest versions of MC and the pack)
  3. Navigate to %AppData%\Roaming\.minecraft \resourcepacks on Windows or ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/resourcepacks on Mac
  4. Unzip the folder and paste the extracted folder into \resourcepacks
  5. Reload (press F3 + T in-game) or enable the ProjectDSM Server Resource Pack and verify the installation was successful


Special thanks to the following people and organizations: