Thank you for your interest in the Builder Application for ProjectDSM! The application consists of completing a form followed by a test build on the Minecraft server. To fill out an application, please view the information below:

Application Requirements

The following is required in order for your application to be accepted:​
  1. You must truthfully and effectively complete this application and all of its required parts
  2. You must be a member of our Discord (You can join by navigating to
  3. If your form is accepted, a staff member will reach out to you via Discord and you must set up a time to complete a test build unless otherwise specified by the staff member
To build on Skytown, there is no official form at this time​, however you must contact a staff member in order to have access and permission to build. Any staff member has the right to decline or revoke Skytown build permission from any user.

Single Builds

For those interested in completing only ONE or TWO builds:

  1. Please fill out the application form below, and select the option for "Single Builds".
  2. This option will allow applicants to only apply for the interiors they wish to build and not bind them to a staff role
  3. If you wish to become a staff member after your set amount of builds are completed, contact a staff member to recieve a manual review for promotion

Builder Roles

These roles are for those interested in being on the ProjectDSM Staff

Junior Builder Role Overview

A Junior Builder's tasks consist of the following:
  1. Assigned to work on smaller, specific Des Moines building interiors
  2. Assigned to work on ALL types of builds in the open-creative, Skytown region. Skytown builds are not bound by scale or standards
  3. Assigned to work on miscellaneous details around Skytown.
  4. After several, high quality projects have been completed, the Junior Builder may be entitled to a promotion to Senior Builder. See the Senior Builder role below

Vehicle Designer Role Overview

A Vehicle Designer's tasks consist of the following:
  1. Assigned to work on miscellaneous details around Des Moines, such as vehicles, construction sites, etc.

Senior Builder Role Overview

A Senior Builder's tasks consist of the following:
  1. Assigned to work on various Des Moines building interiors, either from personal imagination OR online references if available
  2. Senior Builders are NOT permitted to work on building EXTERIORS unless explicitly given permission to do so, as we have strict building standards
  3. The Senior Builder role is only available to Junior Builders via promotion. You must apply to become a Junior Builder first.

Upon approval, we will notify you directly through Discord and get you started on your first project. Rules for remaining a part of the build team will be presented to you upon completion of this application.